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How to Use Elliott WMS Put Away Processing

Q - How do I use Elliott WMS (Warehouse Management System) Put Away Processing feature?

A - Elliott Warehouse Management System (WMS) uses traditional Elliott receiving processing. You can either receive through the legacy receiving method, or warehouse receiving.  Upon the posting of receiving transactions, the received inventory is now in the "Receiving" bin.  In additional, a Put Away batch is created to transfer from the "Receiving" bin to the "Stocking" bins.

Put Away Processing Manager
This screen shows the user a list of locations that have outstanding items to be put away. "Total Lines" is the number of line items that need to be put away. "Open" is the number of items to be processed. "Processed" is the number of items on a transfer batch that have been processed, but the batch has not been completed. "Assigned" is the number of items that are assigned to a user to process. "Weight" is the total weight of the items to be put away.

Once a location is chosen to be processed, the user must tell the system what piece of equipment will be used to transfer the inventory from the receiving area to the stocking bin. This could be a forklift, a cart, a pallet/pallet jack, etc.

Once the equipment is assigned, the system will display a list of items to be put away. The user can press Enter to select an item in the list. The item's UPC code, manufacturer's model number, or the a serial number can be scanned to select an item to be put away. 

Once all of the items that are to be put away are selected, the user can press the F3 key to begin processing. This will bring up the Put Away processing screen.

There are several ways to process the data that is shown on this screen. The items in the list should be viewed as a "to do" list.

1. When you are in Put Away Processing, if all of the items on the screen have been assigned the bin number that you want to use, and you want to put all of the quantity away in the bin, press the F1 key to put away all.

Note: The F1=Put Away All option will use whatever you have filled out on the screen even if it is the wrong bin (the only exception is a blank bin -- the system will not perform a Put Away All to a blank bin). Verify that the bins and the quantities shown on the screen are correct before pressing the F1 key. If you make a mistake and put too many items in a bin or the bin on the screen was the wrong bin, you can use the Simple Bin Transfer application to move the items to the correct bin.

2. If you are processing a Put Away and there is enough room in the bin for the full quantity, but you want to change the bin (for example, if the bin was filled in with REC or a blank bin instead of the stocking bin), highlight the line and press the F7 key.  

This will bring up the assignment window. If the stocking bin you want is in the list, press Enter to choose the bin and the To-Bin field on the screen will change to the bin that you selected.

Here is the screen display after choosing the bin from the list:

Notice that the To-Bin on the screen changed from REC to G1433B. At this point, you can just press F1 to Put Away All if all of the quantity fits in the bin chosen.

If you want to choose a bin other than the ones shown in the list, hit the F1 key to Show All Bins while on the Bin Assignment screen. This will take the cursor to the Bin Number Field. From here, you can scan the bin number you want to use, enter a bin number near the one you want to use, or press Enter to see all the bins. Choose the bin you want from the list and press Enter.

Sometimes when you press the F7 key to Assign Bins, you will receive a message telling you there are no stocking bins found.

When this happens, answer Yes to the question and scan the bin number you want to use. Select the bin from the list and continue to process.

NOTE: Scanning the bin number from the Bin No: field on the bottom left hand corner of the screen will not change the bin number assigned to the item in the list above. Use this field if you want to scan the receiving in without using the Put Away All feature.

3. If you need to split a Put Away between multiple bins, scan the bin number into the field in the bottom left corner of the screen. The program will take you to the Item/Serial field. Scan the UPC code if it is a non-serialized item. Scan the serial number if it is a serialized item. You will notice that there are now two lines on the screen. One is showing the original bin and quantity, but it is has been reduced by the number of scans you have performed. The second line is the new bin that you have scanned manually. If you press the F1 to Put Away All at this point, the program will put away 23 to G0663D. When the quantity of 1 was scanned to bin G0663OS1, it was immediately put away in that bin.

4. If you need to put away a partial quantity of the item, process it as a split batch. Scan the bin number into the field in the bottom left corner of the screen. The program will take you to the Item/Serial field. Scan the UPC code for a non-serialized item. Scan the serial if it is a serialized item. Continue scanning UPCs or serial numbers until you reach the quantity that you would like to put away. When you are done, press the Escape key. This will leave the remaining quantity available for another user to process as soon as you exit the screen.

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