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Multiple Users Entering Physical Count Tag at the Same Time Issue

Q - We think we have found a scenario where two different users could enter and use the same physical tag number with Auto Entry Mode. When both users used the F1 key to get the next tag number, as each tags are added, system automatically assign the next tag number. But the system did not seem to check whether it was used already. This caused us to have some crazy data, where serial numbers were referenced to a tag that was for a non-serialized item. Deleting the tag cleared up the false information, but the system should not allow this to happen.

A - This is a known issue. The solution is that the two different users should use two different ranges of tag numbers to avoid this type of conflict.

As you know, the "Physical Count Tag" processing was designed to enter the count tag with the tag ID previously sequentially assigned.  Therefore, if you are entering the physical count, there should not be a "duplicate" tag number issue unless you produced the count tag incorrectly.

The issue comes when you choose not to use the paper version of "Physical Count Tag".  Instead, you want it be paperless (i.e., tagless) and have the ability to take your portal notebook or tablet computers to the warehouse and collect inventory count data right by the bin.  This is called the "Auto Entry Mode". In that case, you should use the "Physical Count Processing" function and let the system assign the next count tag record sequentially by initially assign a starting tag number by using the F1 key.  If this is the way you perform your physical count operation, then you should allow different users to allocate different ranges of tag numbers to avoid conflict.  

For example, you may assign user A to use count tag numbers from 1000 to 1999; user B to use count tag numbers from 2000 to 2999, etc.  When user A starts to add count tags, he/she will enter count tag ID 1000 for the first record and system will auto assign each tag starting from that point which will result in 1001, 1002....etc.  When user B starts to add count tags, he/she will enter 2000 for the first record and system will assign subsequent count tags, which will result in 2001, 2002...etc.  If you follow this procedure, there will be no duplicate tag number issue like what you described.

The duplicate count tags issue is only a problem if you use "Serialized Items" where you need to collect serial numbers.  If you don't, the system will work correctly even if you do not adopt the above procedure.

If you are licensed for Elliott WMS, then you should use the Elliott WMS physical count method to collect your inventory data, and this type of issue will not exist there either.

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