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Windows 10 and Trend Micro Anti-Virus Software

We have conducted some tests on Windows 10 in-house and found that both Elliott V7.5 and 8.0 are compatible with Windows 10.  However, on 8/11/2015, we received a support call from a user indicating that his workstation did not work with Elliott after upgrading to Windows 10.  The behavior the user saw with Elliott V8 is that after entering the user ID and password, the Elliott startup banner "Loading Company Information" showed up.  After quite a while, the following message appeared:

   Error in Macro APP-CONTROL - call to AppControl
   A-1: Error finding application
   No window available

See sample screen below:

With Elliott V7.5, the system displayed similar behavior.

The interesting thing is that another workstation this user upgraded to Windows 10 worked fine with Elliott. After spending time further isolating  this issue, we found that the difference between these two workstations is that one has anti-virus software installed (the one that does not work), and the other one does not have anti-virus software installed (the one that does work).

We asked the user to disable the anti-virus software. After doing that, the user found that Elliott works fine. The particular anti-virus software that was installed on the workstation that did not work is Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security.  See below:

Please note that we are not implying that Trend Micro Anti-Virus Software will conflict with Elliott.  Based on the experience of this user, we know the Windows 7 workstation with this Trend Micro Anti-Virus Software version worked correctly before upgrading to Windows 10.  In addition, there's a possibility that there's a newer version of Trend Micro Anti-Virus software that will work with Elliott correctly with Windows 10.  We are simply documenting this support incident for your information.

P.S. A week later, the user who had this problem notified us that after they updating their Trend Micro server to the current version. Elliott start to works.

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