Warehouse Replenishment - Single Bin Environment

Generate Replenishment Transfer Batch

Before running the Restocking Suggestion Report, the PICKBIN attribute must be set up for all items that require replenishment from a secondary bin. For more information on how to set this up go to http://support.elliott.com/knowledgebase/articles/724959-how-to-create-pickbin-attribute-for-all-applicable. In a single bin environment it is important to make sure that the Replenishment Bin No. field is specified. This should be done at the Item Master level and for any secondary locations that require restocking.


After setting up the PICKBIN attribute for all the items that need to be replenished on a daily basis, go to Distribution-> Inventory Management-> Reports-> Stock Status Reports-> Print-> Restocking Suggestion.


Show Items Need To Restock Only – Yes will only show items that need restocking. No will show all items.  Answer Yes if you wish to create the Inventory Transfer Batch.
Location – Warehouse location used to generate the report.
Starting Bin No. and Ending Bin No. - Enter the starting and ending bin number range. Enter spaces in the starting bin number for all bins. F7 search for the bin number is supported.
Include Stock Date with Restock Date Report – Yes includes inventory transactions that were processed on the date of the last restock when calculating the qty sold. No will exclude those transactions.
Create Inventory Transfer Batch – Answer Y if using the Warehouse Management System and you want to process this replenishment through the Warehouse Transfer application. Answer No if you only want to generate the report.
Close Open Replenishment Batches – Not applicable in a single bin environment.

For the single bin environment, if:

                       (Quantity On Hand + Quantity Sold) > Target Quantity AND
                       Quantity Sold > Threshold Quantity

hen this item's primary stocking bin needs to be restocked.   

The report shows both the replenishment bin and the primary stocking bin. It shows a recommended quantity to pick. Running this report does not update the attribute values. If a transfer batch is not created to process the transfer, the attributes must be updated by hand.


Transfer Batch Dispatch

When running the Restocking Suggestion Report, answering Yes to the Create Inventory Transfer Batch prompt will create a "K" type replenishment batch.The Transfer Batch Dispatch application allows the user to perform different functions before processing the replenishment batch. This application can be accessed from I/M-> Processing -> Inventory Transfer Management-> Dispatch. Bin replenishment transfer batches can be printed, assigned, and split from this screen. The bin replenishment transfer batches are created as a K type and the batch number will always begin with a K.

Enter=Sel – This option selects a batch for processing. Hit Enter to select batches and then press the appropriate function key for processing.
F1=Dtl – This allows you to view the detail information for the batch that is highlighted.  A pop-up window will show information about the batch and will prompt about showing the detail information for the batch. Answer Y. This will bring up the Transfer Detail Information screen. Use this screen to split batches before processing the batch in the warehouse. To split a batch, hit Enter to select the items to split from the batch. The total selected quantity and weight will update. Press F1 to split the batch. A new batch will be created from the items that were selected.
F2=Assign - This option allows the user to assign the selected batch to an operator. If using WMS, the operator must be on file.
F3=Print – Print a paper copy of the Transfer Ticket. When bin replenishment transfer batches are created, they can be automatically marked as printed if the WMS Global Setup option to use paperless transfer tickets is set to Yes. It this option is set to No, this function key can be used to print the Transfer Ticket. Transfer Tickets must be marked as printed before they can be processed.


Transfer Batch Processing

This application can be accessed from I/M-> Processing -> WMS Processing -> Processing-> Transfer. Once a bin replenishment batch has been assigned to an operator, the operator will be able to view information about a batch that is assigned to him/her or an unassigned batch (if the WMS Global Setup flag to show unassigned replenishment batches is set to Y), and the operator can select a batch for processing.

The location information shown at the top of the screen corresponds to the current highlighted line.
Enter=Detail – Shows the batch detail information about the highlighted batch. A pop-up window will show basic information about the batch. 

Answer Y to the Show Detail prompt to see the items in the batch.

F1=Process – Start processing the transfer. Once the user presses F1 to process the highlighted batch, the equipment needed to transfer the material needs to be assigned to the batch.


Batch ID – Batch ID that was chosen for bin replenishment.
Assign To Which User – Operator ID assigned to this batch. 
Assign To Equipment – User will select the equipment to be used for processing this batch. F7 will perform a search against the equipment file. Equipment ID entered must be on file and must not be in use by another user.

After selecting the equipment to use for the tranfer batch, the user will be presented with the Bin Replenishment  screen.


From Bin – Replenishment bin for item in warehouse as specified in the PICKBIN attribute.
Qty = Total quantity to be transferred from the replenishment bin to the pick bin.
UM = Unit of measure.
*MFG Model No = Item's manufacturer model number. 
*UPC = Item's UPC number.
Item No = Elliott Item number.
To-Bin = Stocking bin where the inventory should be transferred to.
Confirm = Total quantity transferred for item.
Item = Entry field for scanning.
Last Input =  Last entered item / UPC number.
Batch = ID associated with transfer Batch.
From Location = Transfer batch from location.
To Location = Transfer batch to location.
Total = Total quantity to be transferred for transfer batch and total quantity confirmed for Transfer Batch.

Note: The contents of the MFG Model No and UPC field are configured based on two Global Setup values. Options include:
 9. Staging/Bin Replenishment Field Option 1
10. Staging/Bin Replenishment Field Option 2
These options allow the user to choose the fields that are shown in the UPC and Mfg Item spaces on the Bin Replenishment Verification screen in Elliott.  The choices include Item Desc (option 1 only – if chosen, option 2 will be used to accommodate the size of the item description field), User Def 1, User Def 2, User Def 3, User Def4, User Def 5, Prod Cat Desc, Volume, Weight, Ext Volume, Ext Weight. 

F4=Enter Qty Advanced - Used to enter accessory quantities - similar to Shipping Verification F3 Qty Enter screen.

F2=Attrib – Used to allow user access to the fields in the PICKBIN attribute for the item highlighted.


Target Bin Qty – Target amount to be stock in the primary bin.
Threshold Qty – The minimum amount that must be sold since the last restock before the bin will be restocked again.
Replenishment Bin – Secondary bin where the replenishment stock is held.
Notes - Note field.
Item Velocity – How quickly the item sold during a given period of time.

Note: The Modified Date/Time on the attribute represents the last time the item was restocked. This field is updated when the Inventory Transfer Batch is completed or the warehouse personnel instruct the system to update the inventory.

NOTE: Access to the Target Bin Qty and Threshold Qty fields is based on this setting in the WMS Global Setup.

11. Allow Changes To Attrib Qtys in I/M Transfer?
Allows the user to choose whether or not personnel can change the Target Qty or the Threshold Qty on the PICKBIN attribute when in the Bin Replenishment application. The default value is N.

If the user aborts that transfer batch before all inventory is transferred, the system will notify the user that he/she has over/under picked and ask if this is OK. If the user answers No, he/she will be returned to the Item No entry field. If the user answers Yes, he/she will be given a prompt asking Would You Like To Update The Qty Transferred?

If the user answers Y, the qty to transfer will be reduced by the qty confirmed. The qty confirmed will be set to zero. The attribute date will be updated. If the total qty has been transferred, the item will be marked as completely transferred. If the user answers No, the quantities will not be reduced and the PICKBIN attribute will not be updated.

If all the inventory in the batch has been marked as transferred, the user will receive a Batch Complete message and any attributes that were not previously updated will be set to the system date and time. The transfer batch will be marked as complete and it will be eligible for posting. Posting moves the batch to history and will remove it from the Dispatch screen.

Batches can be posted directly from the Dispatch screen or can be done through a deferred report option from the Post menu option.

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