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Getting PO Lock File Problem During PO Printing

Q - I was attempting to print a Purchase Order and received the following message:

    Btrieve Error USE on PO Lock File - 065 File Locked

A - The message implies you have two users trying to use "Print Purchase Order" function at the same time and that caused a conflict. Depend on the version of your Elliott Business software, you may receive a different kind of message like following:

    Another Station Is Printing Purchase Orders, Print Not Allowed

 You need to find out which other users are opening POLCKFIL.DAT. This is not a Btrieve file under PSQL's control. You will need to go to the server console and use the shared folders open file utility to see who opened this file. 

You can do this by right clicking "Computer" and choosing "Manage." Then, in Server Manager, find "Share and Storage Manager" and choose "Manage Open Files ...."  Find the user who opened POLCKFIL.DAT in the corresponding DATA folder.  If that user is still using Elliott, and probably in the middle of printing a PO, simply ask that user to exit or wait. If that user is not in Elliott or has lost connection already, then you can manually close this open file or choose to close the entire user session.  See sample screen below:

The above procedure applies to Windows 2008 server.  For a different server environment, your procedure may be different. 

In the similar way, you may also getting the following lock file error:
  • CPLCKFIL.DAT- COP Lock File. This is due to someone else being  in the middle of printing a COP invoice. Our system currently allows only one user to print a batch of invoices (a range of invoices) at a time.
You can resolve this issue by applying the same procedure above.

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