Received Message "Must Run COP Setup First"

Q - Elliot froze up for about 90 seconds with this message: 

 Must run COP Set Up First 

After 2-3 minutes everyone could get back in. Is this something we should be concerned about?

A - Someone locked the COP Setup File to cause this problem. This could happen if someone goes into COP Setup. While that user stays in the COP Setup, everyone else who tries to get into COP and launch any task will get the message "Must Run COP Setup First."  The fact that this clears up after 2-3 minutes means the user who was in COP Setup exited the screen.

You should be somewhat concerned about this. At least, you should educate your users who has the right to access COP Setup about the locking condition he/she could create.

If this particular lockup extended for a long period of time and you didn't know who the offending user was, you could go to your PSQL server console and enter into either "Computer Management" or "Server Management," then choose "Open Files" under the "Shared Folders" to see who opened the CPCTLFIL.DAT file in your DATA folder. See sample screen below. 

In a similar way, if you are in the following modules' setup screen it may cause the setup file to be locked, and other users could receive similar message.  The following is a list of 3 columns.  The first column is the setup areas when someone get into.  The 2nd column indicates which file in the DATA folder will be locked.  The 3rd column shows the message other users will receive when try to access the corresponding module.

  • A/R Setup - ARCTLFIL.DAT - Must Run A/R Set Up first
  • A/P Setup - APCTLFIL.DAT - Run A/R Control File Maintenance First
  • P/R Setup - PRCTLFIL.DAT - Btrieve Error 065  File Locked on Payroll Control File
  • BOMP Setup - BMCTLFIL.DAT - Btrieve Error 065 File Locked on BOMP Control File

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