How to Calculate EOQ (Economic Order Quantity)

Q - Can you tell me what calculation is used in Elliott for EOQ (economic order quantity)? Is this something that can be modified? Can it be added to our ATP report? 

AEOQ - This field is not a calculated field, although you may modify it for your reasonable quantity. The following is the explanation from Elliott manual about "Economic Order Quantity".

"It may be beneficial to purchase this item in large enough quantities that the cost of repeatedly ordering it is minimized. At the same time, you will want to keep the dollar value of inventory as low as possible in order to minimize carrying costs. The quantity of the item to order that best balances these factors is called the Economic Order Quantity. This value is not calculated by the package. You should determine, based on your experience, what this quantity should be and enter it here."

EOQ is already on the ATP Summary Report and Reordering Advised Report (User Defined CSV Export).

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