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What Are CP3HSxxx.BTR Files? Can We Delete Them?

Q - In my Elliott DATA folders, there are many CP3HSxxx.BTR files where xxx is from 001 - 999. See sample screen below. They seem to be some kind of work files. Can we safely delete them without causing problems for Elliott?

CP3HSxxx.BTR is created by "Sales History Trx Edit List by Location/Item." It is used as a temporary sort of file. 

The way in which the program was written is not perfect in our opinion. It will check to see whether a CP3HS001.BTR file exists or not. If it does exist, it will try the next sequential number 002, and so on and so forth, until it finds one that does not exist. We think the intention is so that multiple users can run this edit list at the same time.  

To prevent CP3HSxxx.BTR files from being left behind in the DATA folder, the Elliott program will attempt to delete this type of file after the report is complete.  This will be fine if you are an admin user.   But if the DATA folder is configured securely, then most of the users will not have the NTFS rights to delete the file. The end result is that it leaves many CP3HSxxx.BTR files behind.  The code was written in the Macola and MCBA days, and we did not make many changes in this program.  We may look at this issue in V9.  For now, you can delete these files without causing problems for Elliott.

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