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Receive "Unable to validate install dir. Exception: Not found" During Elliott V8 Installation

Q - When I tried to install Elliott V8 on the server, I received the following message:

    Unable to validate install dir. Exception: Not Found

See sample screen below.  What should I do?

It looks like that machine might have an issue with its WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), which probably caused the "Not Found" exception we saw from the installer.  Elliott V8 installation uses WMI to query drive information.  If the WMI repository is corrupted, the user can get this message. See the following links for further explanation:


1) A temporary work-around is to install to the local path c:\xxxx\Elliott8 instead of the mapped drive. This will bypass the installer logic to resolve network drive information.

For example, if you normally run Elliott from the M:\Elliott8 folder, when you install Elliott V8 and get this "not found" message, you can try using its corresponding local path on the server, like "C:\Acct\Elliott8" where "Acct" is the share for the mapped drive.

2) Fix the WMI on the machine  (there were a couple links in the first url).

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