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Mobile Devices Supported for Elliott WMS

Q - On your website, Warehouse Management page:

I saw a video showing an example of a picker going through the warehouse to pick the goods from the shelf bins and perform barcode scanning in the process.  The video shows a laptop being used. The webpage mentions that "mobile devices" are also supported. I'm interested in exactly what mobile devices are supported. I need to know this for budgeting purpose. Also, is the mobile device fully connected to Elliott, or will it require uploads?

A - This particular user also uses iTouch with a ring scanner.  The iTouch is strapped to the arm (this strap is designed to hold a mobile device to your arm while you exercise; they cost about $10 a piece on Amazon). You don’t have to use a ring scanner; just any blue tooth scanner will work.  I recommend Symbol Consumer scanner CS3070, which costs about $250. But using a ring scanner will free both of your hands, which is helpful.

Keep in mind that Elliott does not run on iTouch directly.  There are remote desktop clients available on iTouch (iOS).  We recommend “JUMP” RDP client. You can run Elliott on iTouch through RDP.  With the same principle, you can run Elliott through RDP on many other devices that support iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Android, or Kindle Fire (which is Android OS as well). Personally, I don’t like iTouch because the screen is small.  If you can use something the size of an iPhone 6+, the screen will be better. But iTouch is about $200.  iPhone 6+ is around $800.

What makes mobile devices possible are several new features in Elliott V8:
  1. Support of touch interface; 
  2. Allowing for of function keys to scan barcodes; 
  3. The easily changeable ICON size; 
  4. The F9 (globe icon) to cycle through Elliott Tasks Windows; 
  5. The Elliott launch option of multiple tasks in the group.
In the video example, they are using an inexpensive Windows 8 tablet (I think it is by ASUS). They use it to run Elliott directly on the tablet.  But because the wireless signal is not always reliable in the warehouse, they found that if they run Elliott through RDP, it's much more reliable.  So the warehouse runs on RDP regardless of whether it is a Windows device or not. 

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