Why I Received "Nothing In Range" with Plus Work Order Printing

QI was trying to print a Plus Production Work Order traveler, but I'm not having any luck. I always get the message "Nothing in Range." Can you tell me what may be going wrong?

A - There could be several reasons why the Plus Work Order does not print.  The following are common reasons that you should check:

  1. If your Work Order is already printed (check order status from Inquiry Printed, Started, etc.) --- You can print a duplicate traveler from the "Print Duplicate Traveler" menu. 
  2. Check the Start Date Cutoff --- By default, when you hit Enter on Start Date Cutoff, the system will use the system date (today). It won't print if the order start date is in the future (i.e., 12/03/15). You should make sure the cutoff date is greater than or equal to the order start date. See sample screen below.

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