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Receive "Trx Not Complete" on BOMP Production Edit List/Journal

Q - When I try to post BOMP Plus Work Order Production transactions, I receive the following messages:

Error  : Trx not complete due to integrity issue. You may delete it.
Error  : Prod Sts='O' due to integrity issue. You may delete Prod Trx 

See sample screen below:

Due to the error, I can't post them.  What do these messages mean?  How can I post the transactions?

A - Both messages mean the same thing. During the posting of Plus Work Order Production transactions, the system checks the flag BMPTXFIL-COMPLETE-FLAG.  If the value in this flag is set to "N," then you will get the message "Trx not complete."

In addition, the system will check to see if there's a "production" (through time card interface) record associated with this production transaction. If there is, then the system will look up the BMPRDHDR table and check the flag BMPRDHDR-PRODUCTION-STATUS.The possible values are O = Open, C = Complete, P = Posted.  If the system detects the status value as "O" (Open), the system will complain that "Prod Sts = 'O'" and the system will expect the value to be "C" (Complete).

These messages indicate that there are data integrity problems.  But how did the data integrity issue happen in the first place?  Here is a scenario:
  1. In BOMP Time Clock Process (e.g., Work Order Processing), a user starts to report an operation. In the screen where the system prompts for the materials actually used, at that moment the system has to create associated BMPTXFIL and BMTRXMTL records even though the user has not yet finished reporting the operation..  Since the associated BMPTXFIL record is not ready to post yet, the system set the flag BMPTXFIL-COMPLETE-FLAG to "N."
  2. Once the user is done with reporting this operation, the system will update BMPTXFIL-COMPLETE-FLAG to "Y" so the record is ready for posting, and the system also changes the production BMPRDHDR-PRODUCTIO-STATUS to "C" (complete).
  3. So there's only a short period of time where production transaction is created with BMPTXFIL-COMPLETE-FLAG = 'N' and the corresponding production BMPRDHDR-PRODUCTION-STATUS = 'O.' If the system crashed right at the time when the user tried to report the actual material used, then the data will be left like this.

How Do We Fix It?

OK, now that we know how this kind of data integrity problem can happen, what do we do to fix it and move forward?  There are two methods:

Flag the Transaction to Ignore Posting Exception Check
You can go to the Plus Work Order Production Transaction Screen, and bring up the corresponding transaction in change mode.  Go to field "5. Qty Complete."  You will notice that you can press "F5 = Override Post Excp." Press F5 and follow the user interface to flag this transaction. See sample screen below.

If you don't see the "F5 = Override Post Excp" option, then it is likely because either you don't have the privilege in the Operator File Setup, or you are not linked to an operator in the Password Setup.

Delete the Transaction That Has the Integrity Problem
While "deleting" a transaction sounds bad, when it comes to these types of transactions with integrity problems, deleting them might make more sense than "posting it and ignoring the error."

Once you delete it, you may consider manually adding the transaction back in with the correct information.

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