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Sales Orders Import Utility Does Not Import the Freight Amount

A - I use the Sales Order Import utility.  In my import ASCII file, I verify that the freight amount is placed in the correct position.  However, after the sales order is imported, the imported sales order shows zero freight amount.  Why is that?

Q - The likely reason has to do with Global Setup -> Cop-Func -> Order Billing Screen:

        1. Initialize Freight Amount in Order Billing ?

See sample screen below:

The default value in the past was "Y."  This is for legacy Macola compatibility purposes. However, setting this flag to "Y" can be problematic.  This is especially true if you choose to access the billing screen during order entry and enter the freight amount.  Then you find that during billing selection, the freight amount you entered is being wiped out due to this flag being set to "Y."

Also, during the sales order import process, if this flag is set to "Y" the system will set the order freight amount to zero even if you provided the freight amount value in the proper location in the import ASCII file.

We suggest that you change this flag to "N," which will make sense in most situations.

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