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Item Quantity Allocation Is Incorrect

Q - We have been running into issues with certain items where the allocation isn't correct, as you can see in the sample screen below.  The Item Quantity Allocated is zero. 

But if you drill down to the ATP Inquiry screen, you can clearly see there are sales orders for this item. See sample screen below.

After I run the Reset Item Quantity Allocation, the quantity allocation still stays at zero.  But if I run Regenerate ATP, the five sales orders for the ATP stay the same.  I can bring up these five sales orders manually and prove that they are valid orders. So the question is why doesn't their quantity allocation show up even after I run the Reset Allocation?

A - You should take a look at how this item is set up.  See the sample screen of the Item Master below:

When field "9. Controlled Flag" is set to "N," then the behavior you described will happen.  If you look up the online help, you will find the following explanation of this field:

If an item is controlled, it is allocated when customer or shop orders are issued for it and deallocated when the order is shipped or the materials are issued to the shop.  This allocation and deallocation does not occur for a non-controlled item.

If this is your case, simply set this flag to "Y" and run the Reset Allocation to resolve this problem.

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