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Reorder Advice Custom CSV Export Shows Zero Items

Q - I am running our saved CSV report from I/M Reordering Advice Report, Custom CSV Export. Below is the screen shot for the parameters:

I was hoping that choosing N on “Print Items with All Zeroes?” would exclude the items that have no activity. But items with no activity still show up in the CSV.  What should I do?  Below is the spec of the CSV layout:

Thanks for the help.

A - The User-Defined CSV Export is programmed to evaluate all numeric fields in the CSV output when the Print Items With All Zeroes option is set to No. If any of the numeric fields are not zero, the item will print. In your example, some of the items have no activities, but they have the non-zero value in the following columns:
    Average Cost
    Standard Cost
    Order Multiple
This is the reason that the item prints. If you remove these three fields from the layout, then the item is excluded.

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