Received Code 9999 with Web Services Call

Q - I tried to use EliARACHService Web Services. What follows are the parameters I passed. Then I received error 9999.

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:eli="">

It appeared to have the same error in the log file.  I looked at the web services document for this web service. It did not say what error code 9999 means.  Please help.

A - This is a generic error indicating that the NS Control File did not turn on for this ActiveX/Web Services. Please go to Global Setup -> Add-Ons -> ActiveX/Web Services -> Second Menu -> ACH Trx.
    ELIARACH (ACH Transaction)                              
        1. Use This ActiveX/Web Services ?               Y  
        2. Custom Program ID For This ActiveX Component ?    
        3. Custom Program ID For This Web Svc Component ?    
Answer “Y” to field 1, and leave fields 2 and 3 blank.

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