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I Am Unable to Post or Enter a Date for the New Year

Q - Starting from the new year, we are not able to process transaction in certain areas through out Elliott. For example, if I go to COP and try to print an invoice with invoice date in the new year, system complains:
              Error: Trx Date Outside Date Range (01/01/15 - 12/31/15)
See sample screen below:

How can I enter an invoice date for the new year?

A - If you experience this problem, it is most likely because the System Period Control needs to be updated.  This feature prevents a document or post date outside a determined range so that transactions are not posted for the wrong period.  The configuration for this can be found in the Main Menu under Util-Setup, Global Setup, System, and System Period Control.  See sample screen below.

System Period Control can be set by module, and you can: prevent the user from entering a date outside the range; just give a warning; or turn off the feature for the module.  Except for COP, there is no mechanism to automatically change the dates, and they must be manually maintained periodically.  

Typically, you can use this feature to control date range month by month, or year by year.  If you like to have strict control on your financial statement on the month by month basis, you can set the starting and ending date month by month.  If you simply want to prevent users from entering invalid dates due to data entry mistake (which can mess up your General Ledger), you can enter the starting and ending date for the whole year so you only need to update this once per year.

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