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BB0000 Bank Book Overview


Package Overview

How To Use This Manual

 When most people receive a new product, they want to use it immediately.  Unfortunately, this is often not possible when dealing with computer hardware and software.  This manual is intended to serve as a reference guide in describing the functionality and the application of the Bank Book package.

The first few sections of this manual are intended to introduce the user to the Bank Book (BB) system and help get started.  The latter sections are for reference when the user has specific questions about each of the Bank Book applications.  These applications are described later in this section under BB Menu Bar Selections and Definitions.

It is suggested that the user first read the System Manager manual if he/she is not already familiar with Elliott.  The Package Overview section of this manual gives an overview of the Bank Book package.  The General Operator Instructions in the System Manager manual explain how to enter and edit data and the use of special keys on the keyboard.  The Startup section gives step‑by‑step instructions on how to load the programs, create the data files, and enter the initial data.  The Processing Procedures section gives directions for daily, period and year-ending procedures.

The user should then review each of the BB sections to understand how each of the BB applications work. A very basic description of each of these applications is also contained under the heading BB Menu Bar Selections and Definitions, which is part of this Package Overview.

Sample screens and reports are also included under each of the appropriate BB applications.  This is a guide to show users the types of screens and reports that may be obtained from the system.

BB Menu Bar Selections and Definitions

 The Bank Book package is aimed at combining Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll Check and Cash applications, as well as General Ledger cash transfers to manage bank accounts and doing the end-of-the month reconciliation.  

 The Bank Book package consists of a number of applications, each of which is necessary to carry out BB functions towards record management and reconciliation.

 The functions carried out by the BB applications are as follows:


Bank File Maintenance

  • Allows you to define and change bank accounts.

Bank Reconciliation Maintenance

  • Allows you to maintain, by bank account, what checks have cleared, have been reconciled, and are still open.


Back Reconciliation Inquiry


Merge Bank Transactions

 Reconcile Bank Statements

 Purge Bank Reconciliation File

 Update Cash Balances


 Reconciliation Summary

 Reconciliation Detail

 Cash Position Summary

 Cash Position Detail

 Running Cash Balance

 Cash Projection

 Util setup

BB Setup

Setup Requirements

 Bank Book Setup

Application Overview

 Bank Book is an integrated package in Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, General Ledger, and also provides reconciliation to bank statements.

 Run Instructions

 1.      Enable Bank Book Module in Company Setup:

Elliott Main Menu ->  Util-Setup ->  Company Setup

When you exit Company Setup, the necessary files will be automatically installed.

2.        In A/P Setup, flag “Reconcile Checks” as “Y”

3.        In P/R Setup, flag “Reconcile Checks” as “Y”

Bank Book Startup Required Steps

1. Bank Book Setup

Defines Bank Book parameters

2. Maintenance

Defines bank accounts

3. Merge

Updates the Bank Reconcile File with information from GL, AR, AP and PR modules.

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