Outlook Email Address Book Is Not Supported in Elliott V8

Q - In Elliott V7, we used to send our A/R Aging Report to our bank by using the reporting email option.  See the sample screen below.

We recently converted to Elliott V8. When we try to send the same report, we receive the following message:

    The following addressee(s) are from a MAPI client that is no longer supported. They have been dropped.

     You should add them back in a correct email address format (name@domain):

     Edward Kwang <>

After I click OK, the Report Output Options window shows up with the email tab and the "To" email address is now blank.  See the sample screen below:

When I click on the "To" button, the address book is blank.  Why is that?

A - The issue is that in Elliott V8 we dropped support of the Outlook address book (or any other email client's address book).  The main reason is there were many issues involved in our past support,  and we concluded that we can't reliably provide support to another email client's address book.  

In Elliott V8, we expect the address book will come from Elliott's eContact database. If you did not set up eContacts in Elliott, that is probably the reason why when you click on the "To" button, the address book is blank.

It is possible to convert your Outlook address book to Elliott's eContact database.  Find the option in Outlook to export the address book as a CSV file first. Then you need to associate each entry with Elliott's customer number.Then you can import them back to Elliott as eContacts by going to A/R -> Utilities -> Customer/eContact Import.

There are a lot of benefits of using Elliott's eContact database.  This includes: (1) Sharing and managing contacts from the company-wide point of view; (2) Performing mass e-mail tasks; (3) Keeping track of activities by contacts; (4) Most importantly, our eContact database is the key to implementing the Customer Relationship Management solution with Elliott.

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