Feature - Date Used to Determine Price When Adding Item to Existing Order

Release Date - 1/12/16

When adding a line item to an existing order, the line item unit price is normally calculated based upon the order date. 

Using the system date when calculating the item price is useful, especially when adding an item to an existing order and the order date is in the past. For example, if an order is on file and it is waiting for inventory to arrive before being fulfilled, and a salesperson adds additional items to the order, the system would calculate the item price based on the order date. If the item was on sale when the order was originally entered, the customer would receive the sale price even though the item is no longer on sale. This change lets the user choose how he or she wants to handle this situation.

A new Global Setup option has been added to let the user choose if the Order Entry program will use the order date or the system date when determining the price of a line item that is added to an existing order: Util-Setup-> Global Setup-> COP-Func-> Order Line Item Screen-> 34. Price Date Used When Add Item To Exist Ord. The default is "O" for order date.

To fully enable this functionality, the following Global Setup flag will also need to be set:  Util-Setup-> Global Setup-> COP-Func-> Order Line Item Screen-> 17. Recalc Price/Comm When Cursor Thru In Change. Set this flag to N. 

This will stop the order entry program from recalculating the item price using the order date in Change mode.  


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