How Do I Configure Elliott V8 Email (SMTP) Settings?

Q - I'm trying to instruct Elliott 8 to send the shipment emails using SMTP instead of Outlook (MAPI,) and I'm not sure where to put the SMTP info.

A - You will use EL800CF.EXE in the <ElliottRoot>\Bin folder to configure the SMTP settings. Where <ElliottRoot> is your Elliott root directory, like M:\Elliott7. Below is a sample screen of EL800CF.EXE.  Be certain to use the "Test" button to make sure you can receive a test copy of the email before you save the new settings. The settings you change in EL800CF.EXE are saved in <ElliottRoot>\Bin\EL800.CFG file.

The information you set up here, by default, will be used by all Elliott users.  
SMTP/MAPI: If you wish to send email by directly communicating with your mail server using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Portocol), then use SMTP. On the other hand, if you wish to send out email through your email client, like Outlook, then choose MAPI. When you choose MAPI with Outlook, it is likely you will receive security warning that another application is trying to send email on your behalf.  You can address MAPI's security issue by following the procedure in <ElliottRoot>\Doc\OLSecUpd.pdf. Many of our users do not have the technical expertise to implement the procedure in this document.  In that case, you should choose SMTP. Elliott V7.x support MAPI only.  In Elliott V8, we support both SMTP and MAPI, and the default is SMTP.  When you use MAPI, the sent emails will show up in your email client (Outlook) sent box.  On the other hand, if you choose SMTP, the sent emails will not show up in your sent box. Instead, Elliott V8 will save the email activity in log files like <ElliottRoot>\Log\EmailLog-YYMMDD*.CSV.
Use Authentication: SMTP server by default will require authentication.  But if this is your internal SMTP server (i.e., Exchange), you could add relay rules for your internal IP address so authentication is not required.
User Name/Password: This is the User Name and Password provided by your SMTP server admin.
Ignore Certificate Error: If your internal SMTP server uses a self-signed certificate, you will get a certificate error.  In that case, you could choose to trust the self-signed certificate and ignore the certificate error.
Enable SSL: If you wish to protect your email from eavesdropping between your workstation and SMTP server, then you may enable SSL to protect the communication.  Generally speaking, it is not necessary to enable SSL if the SMTP server is hosted internally.
Admin Email Name/Address: This is the default sent from the email address. When you use SMTP in Elliott 8, the system retrieve each user's email address information from the Password Setup screen. See sample screen below.

If this user email information is not set up, then Elliott will use the default admin email.

Configure Each User's Custom SMTP Settings
Each user can use the default SMTP settings as described above.  You can also configure each user's SMTP settings if you so desire.  In that case, you can login to Elliott V8 by starting up EL800.EXE in <ElliottRoot>\Bin folder.  In the Control Center, click on the "Setup" button as in the sample screen below.

In the Setup/Preference window, go to the "Misc" tab and click on the "Email" button.  See sample screen below:

Then the Email Preference window will show up. See sample screen below.

Change your email preference from "Default (SMTP)" to "SMTP."  Then you can customize your SMTP settings. Again use the "Test email..." button to ensure that you can receive email with your new settings before saving it.


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