Newly Received Items Inquiry Not Showing Proper Column as Labeled

Q - We ran into something that seems off on the "Newly Received Items Inquiry." When doing the query it shows Qty-Rec, Qty-OH, and Avail. Avail is not correct. It seems as if it is just copying off of one of the other two fields. I have provided two screen shots below. They deal with item # AB762HP. You will notice in the first pic that it shows Qty-Rec - 96, Qty-OH - 96, and Avail - 96. But when doing a Stock Status Inquiry, it shows that we actually have -257 available. Would it be possible to get this fixed so that we can see the accurate Availability on the Newly Received Items Inquiry?  Please see my sample screen below.

A - The column "Avail" in the Newly Received Item Inquiry screen has a different definition than what you may expect. It is calculated as:
    Qty-OH - Qty-Alloc + Qty-BO
In your example:
    Qty-OH = 96
    Qty-Alloc = 353
    Qty-BO = 353
So 96 - 353 + 353 = 96

There are two types of quantity available:
    Long-Term Available = Qty-OH - Qty-Alloc
But since orders could be on back order, if you exclude those orders on back order, then your short-term available is
    Short-Term Available = Qty-OH - Qty-Alloc + Qty-BO
We also call Short-Term Available  "Excess Qty."  This is the quantity availability to fill back orders.

To avoid confusion, we just changed the wording of the Newly Received Items Inquiry "Avail" column to "Excess."

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