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How to Delete or Customize User Folder in Elliott 8 Control Center

Q - I created a folder Edward in Control Center before the Elliott password was implemented and enabled. Now all the users have the Edward folder and I can't delete it. Do I have to disable the password, delete the folder and enable the password again? Is there a better way to delete the folder?  See sample screen below:

A - You created the Edward node (folder or task group) under SUPERVISOR. As a result, it applies to everyone. When the Elliott password is not enabled, each time you start up Elliott, the system logs you in as SUPERVISOR automatically.  To resolve your problem, you can login as SUPERVISOR, then you will be able to right click on the Edward node and delete it.

Customization Control Center When You Login as SUPERVISOR

Just as an FYI, when you login as SUPERVISOR, the customization you make to the Elliott Control Center applies to all users.  This includes the following:

  • Create Custom Tasks Group: This is like creating a "favorite" category. For example, you can create a favorite category "Edward" and drag and drop the most commonly used Elliott tasks on the right-hand pane to "Edward." This will help you to navigate to your commonly used Elliott tasks.
  • Change Task Description: You may rename the task description.  For example, instead of "Customer File Maintenance," you can rename the description to say, "Client File Maintenance" by right clicking on the task description.
  • Assign Custom Icon: If you login as SUPERVISOR, you may right click on the task description and choose "Change Image" -> "Select Image."  See sample screen below.

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