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Feature - System Users File Integrity Check

Release Date - 2/11/16

Added a new "Integrity Check" option to Util Setup-> Password Setup-> List-> Summary Report.  See sample screen below:

The Integrity Check option will check several conditions in the System Users File. If a record is on file that does not have a corresponding System Password File record, it is considered an orphan record and will be deleted. A message is printed on the Summary Report to indicate that the record has been deleted. 

The main purpose of checking an orphan SYUSERS record is that this type of orphan record can prevent the user from subscribing to the Elliott Event feature. When the user chooses to add an event subscription, he/she may see a blank screen without any event available to subscribe.

The other integrity check will take place if you are running Elliott V8.0 or higher, and you are using SMTP to send email, then the user name and user email in the System Users File cannot be blank because these are  required fileds that Elliott will use for SMTP purposes.  See sample screen below:

If this condition is detected, a warning message prints on the report:
          Warning: User KEATING    Email Address Is Blank

Modified Programs: SYPASLSS, SYPASLSP

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