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AP0302 Accounts Payable Post Recurring AP Transactions

Post Recurring A/P Transactions

Application Overview


The Post Recurring Transactions application transfers all transaction vouchers that were previously created in Recurring Voucher Processing to the A/P Transaction file.  This posting serves to automatically create transactions that can be checked and adjusted in the A/P Transaction Processing application.  

A posting journal will not be printed until they are reposted in Post A/P Transactions.  To verify the transactions, print the A/P Transaction Processing edit list.


Run Instructions


   Select Post Recurring Transactions from the pull-down A/P Processing window.   The following screen will then be displayed:

The following options are available:


    • Enter the data requested on the screen

         To exit press the ESC or F10 key when the cursor is positioned for entry of the first field on the screen.


        To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key. To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.


    Entry Field Descriptions



    Type and Description

    Do You Want To Post At This

    Time ?

    Y or N.


    Enter Y if you want to post or N to decline.

    Post Vouchers Due Through

    Enter a date in the standard date format.


    Enter a date at least two payment dates in advance of the current date, preferably a few days ahead of this.


    If you want recurring vouchers to appear on your Cash Requirements Report, put them out for a few periods in advance.


    Any recurring vouchers, which are due up to the date entered, will be posted to the A/P Transaction File.  Therefore, if today's date was entered here, the only vouchers, which would appear on the file, would be those, which become due today or earlier. Everything would be paid late. If the date of the next payment date were entered, only those vouchers, which became due on the payment date or before would appear on the file.


    Still, everything would be paid late. If the date of the following payment date were entered, all vouchers, which were going to become due before the following payment date, would appear and could all be paid on time. It is best to enter a date at least a few days beyond this so that checks can be written for vouchers in advance of when they are due, in case there are any delays in getting the checks out.

     The following screens will appear, asking if you want to post, through what date you want to post, and whether vouchers are ready to post.

    Do You Want to Post?

    Post Vouchers Through What Date?

    Are Vouchers Ready to Post?


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