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AR0112 Accounts Receivable Carrier Mode Maintenance

Carrier Mode Maintenance

Application Overview


This is one of four files required for processing freight calculation in Customer Order Processing.  They are part of Accounts Receivable Maintenance due to their relationship with A/R Customers and Ship Via Codes.

Predefined UPS Ground Screen:

The user should print the Carrier Mode File to review all the predefined Carrier Modes Available.  This file is accessed from the A/R Maintenance pull-down menu.


Run Instructions

Entry Field Descriptions – Carrier Mode File



1.  Carrier Code

3 alphanumeric characters


Enter the carrier code to define a mode for     

2.   Carrier Mode

1 alphanumeric character


Enter the method of shipment for this carrier

3.  Description

16 alphanumeric characters


Enter the carrier mode description

4.  COD Allow

If carrier provides COD service for this carrier mode, select “Y”; otherwise, enter “N”

5.  Insurance Allow

If carrier provides insurance with a declared amount exceeding the insurance exempt amount for this carrier mode, select “Y”; otherwise, select “N”.

6.  AOD Allow

If carrier provides AOD service for this carrier mode, select “Y”; otherwise, select “N”. 


Note: If this carrier does not provide AOD as setup in the carrier file, this field will default to N/A.

7.  Call Tag Allow

If carrier provides Call Tag service for this carrier mode, select “Y”; otherwise, select “N”

8.  Hazardous Allow

If carrier allows hazardous material for this carrier mode, select “Y”; otherwise, select “N”.

9.  Track No. Allow

If carrier provides tracking numbers for this carrier mode, select “Y”; otherwise, select “N”.

10. Use Standard Charge

Since it is more likely the carrier will keep all the service charges consistent for all the modes, most of the time “Y” will be entered here. However, if there is a situation in which the carrier provides special rates for certain methods of shipment, then N will be entered. When ‘N” is entered, the Carrier Mode File Maintenance screen will display additional information, which is basically all the charges set up earlier in Carrier File Maintenance. The user can enter new data or modify the standard charge to match with that specific change, (see figure at end of this table).

11. Maximum Insurance Amount

8 digit alphanumeric field with 2 decimal places


Enter the maximum amount of insurance the carrier, for this carrier mode, will provide if they lose your package.

12. Zone Breakdown Method

1 digit alphanumeric field


Select from one of the following dividing zone options for this carrier and carrier mode:


S = By State            

C             = By City

Z              = By Zip Code

N             = By Nation

X              = No Zone


Most of the time, dividing zones will be based on the "Zip code"; U.S. Postal Service and RPS have used this technique. UPS, on the other hand, uses "Zip Code" for "Ground" service, and "State" for "Air" service. Federal Express uses both "State" and "Nation".  The above options definitely give users more flexibility when dealing with various carriers that use different zone breakdown methods.

13. Freight Calculation Method

1 character alphanumeric field


Select from one of the following Calculation Methods:


1 = Based on Rate Table

2 = Rate per Pound

3 = Combination of Rate Table and Rate per Pound


Option 1 is based on the rate table setup in the Freight Rate File. Options 2 and 3 provide users with more flexibility when dealing with various carriers. For example, with those carriers that charge customers by the Freight Rate Table like UPS, RPS, Federal Express, and U.S. Postal Service, you can pick option 1; but, if certain carriers have the freight rates based on some formula, then option 2 is the right choice.  Option 3 is picked when the carrier uses both methods. For example, Federal Express International uses this option.

14. Maximum Pounds Allowed

3 character numeric field


Enter the maximum number of pounds allowed by this carrier and carrier mode.

15. Zone Number of Digits



Carrier Code File Maintenance Screen When “Use Standard Chrg” = “N”:

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