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Not Able to Receive Event Emails from Certain Users

Q - We are not able to receive event emails from certain users. What could cause this to happen?

A - The best way to diagnose this problem is to look at the Event Log in the <ElliottRoot>\Log folder.  For example, the following is a list from the Event Log in the <ElliottRoot>\Log folder:

The Event Log file naming convention is EVYYMMDD.LOG where YY is the year, MM is the month and DD is the day.  So EV160226.LOG is the event log for 02/26/2016.

If you open one of the log files, you can see the content showing the events when Elliott had difficultly in sending the email.  The following is a sample.

The likely reason is that the MAPI is not set up for the user, or there's something wrong with it.  When the MAPI is not set up for the user at all, then you may get a blank message such as the above example.

In Elliott V8, we support sending email through SMTP. In most situations, it is easier to get SMTP to work than MAPI.  Therefore, if you have difficulty with getting MAPI to work consistently in your environment, you should consider upgrading your users to Elliott V8 and start using SMTP to send email.

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