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Feature - Events for Add Note and Delete Note

Release Date - 02/27/2016

We have added support for event types ADDNOTE and DELNOTE to the Elliott System level code.

These two events are management events to which you can subscribe by going to Elliott Main Menu -> Global Setup.  See example screen below:

This events support the following variables:
  •             Record No         Value always = 1 since this is a management event
  •             File Name          (like ARCUSFIL)
  •             Reference ID     (store valued like customer#, vendor#, item#…etc.)
  •             Subject
  •             Note Type
  •             Created by User 
  •             Follow up by User
  •             Note Line 1
  •             Note Line 2
  •             Note Line 3
See sample screen below:

For an ADDNOTE event, the event will be triggered whenever a note is added, or a note is converted to a tickler.  For a tickler, the value in “Follow up by User” will not be blank.  It is possible this event is first added when a note is created. Then later on, if the note is converted to a tickler, the ADDNOTE event is triggered again. If the user does not wish to receive the ADDNOTE event when the tickler is created, then the user can choose a filter condition something like Follow up by User: NE " ".

For DELNOTE, the event will be triggered whenever a note or tickler is deleted.


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