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ARADJAUD Accounts Receivable Adjustment Auditing Inquiry

Adjustment Auditing Inquiry

Application Overview


The Adjustment Auditing Inquiry is an auditing tool for adjustment transactions in Re-Apply processing.  This is a necessary auditing tool since Re-Apply adjustments to posted documents are done on a real time basis without posting.  This auditing tool is also available in report format, see Reports section for Adjustment Auditing Report.


Run Instructions


A/R Menu à Inquiry à Adjustment Auditing Inquiry



Inquiry Selection Criteria


User Name:             User that you wish to see


Starting Date:          Starting Date Range For Inquiry


Ending Date:           Ending Date Range For Inquiry







Inquiry Display Fields


            Adj. Date           =          Adjustment Date

            Cust #               =          Customer Number

            Doc-Date           =          Original Document Date 

            Doc-No.            =          Original Document Number        

Apl-to                =          Document the adjustment was applied to

            Reference          =          Reason for adjustment

            Adj-Amount       =          Adjustment Amount

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