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ARAPLYCR Accounts Receivable Re-Apply CR/DR Memos

Re-Apply CR/DR Memos

Application Overview


Using the Re-Apply CR/DR Memos application, you can apply a credit memo, debit memo, unapplied payment, or “Quick Adjustment” to an invoice. This application allows you to apply one credit memo or payment to several different invoices. 


It is a very easy and fast application to use in the situation where you have open credit on a customer's account and you want to apply that entire amount to one or several invoices, or where a credit or debit memo was issued to the customer's account, but it was not applied to any invoice, or to the wrong invoice.  The “Quick Adjustment” feature is useful because it can replace the Credit/Debit Memo process when there is an insignificant amount involved, such as overpayment or underpayment by a few cents.



The next time you print the A/R Aging Report, the credit or debit memo or unapplied payment will appear in the same aging period as the invoice that it now applies to.  If the amount of the credit equals the amount still owing on the invoice, both will be cleared from the file the next time the A/R Open Item file is purged.


Run Instructions


Select Re-Apply CR/DR Memos from the pull down A/R Processing window.  The following screen will then be displayed:




Re-Apply CR./DR Memos Entry Screen




NOTE:  The Re-Apply function is not applicable to Balance Forward Type customers, only Open Item Balance Method customers.

 The following options are available:

  • Select the desired mode from Re-Apply CR/DR Memos menu bar
  • Re-Apply cr/dr memos


To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key. To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.

Entry Field Descriptions



Type and Description

*  Customer No

Enter the customer number.  Press the F7 key for customer search by number or press the F8 key for customer search by name.

* Document No

6 numeric digits (999999).

Enter the number of the document, which you wish, to re‑apply.

1.  New Apply‑To No

6 numeric digits (999999).

Enter the number of the invoice to which you want the credit or debit memo or payment that is displayed to now apply.

2.  New Amount‑1

9 numeric digits with 2 decimal places (9,999,999.99).

Enter the portion of Amount‑1 you wish to reapply to this apply to no.

3.  New Amount‑2

9 numeric digits with 2 decimal places (9,999,999.99).

Enter the portion of Amount‑2 you wish to reapply to this apply‑to no.

4.  Adjustment Amount

This is a “Quick Adjustment”  with a positive or negative value.  The amount entered here will update New Amount 2 of the New Apply-To document




Open Credit Memo To Re-Apply






Open Credit Memo Applied to New Apply-To-No 3030


NOTE:  The Re-Apply function is real time; as you complete the transaction, the records are updated.



Quick Adjustment




Scenario: Customer underpaid invoice by $1.00.  The above figure displays the adjustment amount, Field 4, required to zero out the invoice rather than do a credit memo or leave the invoice open.





After pressing <enter> in Field 4, popup window appears with required entry. These fields must be completed or the system will not let you out of the window.


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