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ARCRCMNT Accounts Receivable Credit Card Transacting Handling

Credit Card Transacting Handling


Application Overview


This application allows you to process credit card payments as a cash receipts function with postings and distributions as determined by the Credit Card Source File, (AR Maintenance).



Run Instructions


AR Main Menu Ò Processing Ò Credit Card Transaction Handling




Credit Card Entry Screen



Standard Options Available:

  • Add
  • Change
  • Delete
  • List
  • Post

 Key Field Entry Descriptions


Field 3: Must be valid credit card number.


Field 13: Invoice that the payment is being applied to.  May be left blank if pre-payment or customer deposit.


Field 14: Approval should be obtained before posting payment to customer account.


Field 15: Total amount being charged to credit card.


Field 16: Adjustments for surcharge (negative amt) or for Sales Discounts (Positive Amt). 


Field 15 + Field 16 must equal the invoice amount.


Field 17: Must be valid source setup in Credit Card Source File maintenance.


Field 18: For internal tracking if needed.


Field 19: Describes field 18.


Field 20: Select “Y” when invoice has not been posted, for deposit or prepayment.





Credit Card Payment Entered




Posting Function




Posting Journal





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