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Feature - Add CSV Support to Payroll History Reports

Release Date: 3/10/2016

Added CSV support to Payroll History Reports: Payroll Check History By Paid Period and
Payroll Check History By Check Date

Note: Support was just added on 3/1/16 to the PRHISFIL for the vacation, holiday and sick 
hours so these fields will not be populated in older data.

If the user chooses to generate the CSV file, one record will be generated for every record
printed on the report. The following headings will be used:

Emp# for Employee Number
Name for Employee Name
SS# for Social Security Number
StrtDate for Pay Period Start Date
EndDate for Pay Period End Date
Tp for Transaction Type
Check# for Check Number
CheckDt for Check Date
GrossPay for Gross Pay
FwtGross for Pay subject to Federal withholding taxes - TAXABLE-GROSS-PAY
SSTax for Social Security Tax withheld
Medicare for Medicare Tax withheld
Fwt for Federal withholding taxes
Swt for State withholding taxes
Ost for Other state taxes
Cwt for City withholding taxes
TtlDed for Total Deductions withheld
TtlAllow for Total Allowances
EIC for Earned Income Credit
NetPay for Net Pay
WksWrk for Weeks worked
RegHrs for Regular hours
OvtHrs for Overtime hours
VacHrs for Vacation hours
HolHrs for Holiday hours
SickHrs for Sick hours
SpecHrs for Special hours 

Modified programs: PRHSTSCN, PRHSTRPT

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