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ARHSTMNU Accounts Receivable A/R History Report

A/R History Report


Application Overview


This purpose of this report is to reprint historical A/R Open Item data that has been purged.  Standard Elliott has been enhanced so that when you purge the A/R Open Item file, all data goes to an A/R History file.  It is from this file that the History Report is generated.



Run Instructions


From the A/R Main Menu select Reports  A/R History Report




A/R History Report – Selection Criteria




When you no longer need access to historical data from this file, you may purge it by a selection of user-defined criteria.  To purge this file, A/R Main Menu à Processing àPurge Closed Open Items à A/R History File.  See screens below:







Select A/RHistory File






Define Purge Selection Criteria




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