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ARJOBMNT Accounts Receivable Job Code File Maintenance

Job Code File Maintenance

Application Overview


A job is a particular project or activity for which you are tracking expenses and billings. This file is used to keep track of all of the valid job numbers being used and their associated budgets.  When new A/R transactions are entered into the system, the invoice amounts can be distributed among any of the jobs, which have been entered into the Job Code File.


Run Instructions


Select Job Code File from the pull down A/R Maintenance window. The following screen will then be displayed:




Job Code File Maintenance Entry Screen



 The following options are available:

  • Add job codes
  • Change existing job codes
  • Delete existing job codes
  • Print a Listing of job codes, their descriptions and budgeted expenses


To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key.  To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.


Entry Field Descriptions



Type and Description

1.  Job Code

6 alphanumeric characters.

Enter the code that you would like to assign to the job being entered. In the change or delete mode, press the F7 key to search for code.

2.  Description

30 alphanumeric characters.

Enter a description of the job, which will make it clear to the operator at a glance whether or not he has entered the correct code.

3.  Budget Hours

8 numeric digits with 2 decimal place and optional minus sign (999,999.99-).

Enter the number of hours that are budgeted for this job.

4.  Budget PR Expense

11 numeric digits with 2 decimal places and optional minus sign (999,999,999.99-).

Enter the amount of Payroll expenses that are budgeted for this job.

5.  Budget AP Expense

11 numeric digits with 2 decimal places and optional minus sign (999,999,999.99-).

Enter the amount of Accounts Payable expenses that are budgeted for this job.

6.  Contract Amt

11 numeric digits with 2 decimal places and optional minus sign (999,999,999.99-).

Enter the total contract amount for this job.







Job Code File Maintenance Screen





Run Date: Sep 25, 2001 -  4:05am         Elliott Demonstration Company                                                     Page    1


                                                     J O B   C O D E   L I S T                                                     


                                          Budgeted            Budgeted            Budgeted            Contract                     

Job #   Description                         Hours          PR Expenses        AP/IM Expenses           Amount                      


100     Main Assembly T-Tops                   .00                 .00                 .00                 .00                     

CHEM    Outside Process                   1,000.00            5,000.00            5,000.00           10,000.00                     

CPU-SX  Personal Computer 386/SX             50.00            1,300.00            1,200.00            2,200.00                     

METL-A  Metal Parts and Finishes             40.00               40.00               40.00               40.00                     

PC-10A  Production Order (PC-10A)              .00                 .00                 .00                 .00                     

PC-386  PC-386 Personnel Computer              .00                 .00                 .00                 .00                     

PC100   Personal Computer (PC100)              .00                 .00                 .00                 .00                      


    7 Job Codes On File                   1,090.00            6,340.00            6,240.00           12,240.00                      




























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