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I Can Only Enter A/R Cash Receipt for Cash or Check

Q - I recently updated to the latest Elliott Version 7.5.  I notice in the A/R Cash Receive Processing, there is no longer an entry for credit card payment.  I can only enter cash or check.  See sample screen below.  Why is that?

A - In the new version, the system prompts for "Payment Type" at the Batch ID level as shown  below. You should enter a separate batch for Credit Card payment if you wish to enter credit card payments.  See sample screen below:

The possible Payment Types at the Batch Level are:

  • CK = Cash or Check
  • GC = Gift Certificate
  • CC = Credit Card
  • WR = Wired 
  • AC = ACH (Add-on feature)

For example, you may create Batch ID "ROGER-CK" for Payment Type "CK" and "ROGER-CC" for Payment Type "CC."


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