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Feature - Item Master Activity Sub-Code

Release Date - 3/14/16

A new field, Item Activity Sub-Code,  was added to the Item File Maintenance screen beside the field Activity Code with the 7.56.308/8.06.308 release. The purpose of this field is to indicate additional active status of an item. At this moment, the sub-code field is only available if item activity code is equal to “A.”  The sub-code is user-definable, so the user can enter any character into the sub-code field as long as Item Activity Code is set to “A”. See sample screen below. 

The following are areas that can utilize the activity sub code:

(1) I/M -> Reports -> Re-Ordering Advice Reports -> Print -> Standard Re-Ordering Advise CSV Export Report.  

The screen parameter program now allows users to select three separate two-character activity codes (the item activity code plus the activity sub-code). As you can see in the following screen, at field “11. Activity Code” users can either hit ENTER=ALL or enter up to three different codes.

11. Activity Code - Enter up to three two-digit activity codes. Value can be SPACE=ALL, A, A*, A?, F, O, P (where the ? can be anything since sub-activity code is user definable). A* means all activity codes are an "A" regardless the sub-activity code. 

This new selection criteria is shown in the legend area of the report. The report also shows the activity code with the associated activity sub-code.

(2)  I/M -> Reports -> Re-Ordering Advice Reports -> Print -> Item Linkage CSV Export. or Processing -> Item Linkage Processing.

In field "8. Activity Code", system now prompt for two digits activity code. See sample screen below:

The exported CSV for the "AC" column will also contain the two digits activity code, if any.  The following is a sample of how you can enter the activity codes:
  • A - only item with activity-code = "A", and sub-code = blank will be selected.
  • A* - all items with activity-code = "A" regardless the sub-code value will be selected.
  • AS - item with activity code = "A", and sub-code = "S" will be selected.
  • F - only forecast items will be selected.
  • O - only obsolete items will be selected
  • P - only planning items will be selected

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