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Feature - Prompt ACH Deposit Effective Date to Avoid Non-Business Day

Release Date - 3/14/16
Version: 8.2 & Up

The purpose of this feature is to give the user the option to enter the ACH Effective Entry Date. This date defaults to the system date plus one day when you create the NACHA file. As a result, this day may fall into a weekend or holiday. Some banks reject ACH effective dates on non-business dates. For this reason, we added a new ACH Global Setup option  that will allow the user to choose whether he/she wants the system to prompt the user for the ACH Effective Entry date when creating the NACHA file. See sample screen below:

10. Prompt Effective Entry Date When Create NACHA File? The default value for this field is N.

If this option is set to Y, a window will pop up that will allow the user to enter the Deposit Effective Entry Date. This field will default to the system date plus one day. 

The date entered cannot be less than the system date. Also, it cannot be greater than 7 days past the system date as a safety measure to avoid typo errors.

If users wish to defer this process, then they should use the F1 key, which means System Date plus one day. Entry of a fixed Deposit Effective Entry Date will not work for deferred report processing. If the F1 key is pressed, the text "System Date Plus One" will be displayed next to the entry date.  Currently, if you create a NACHA file through defer processing, the system does not have the ability to avoid making the Deposit Effective Entry Date on a non-business day.  If your bank has an issue with this, then we suggest that you not use defer processing to automate this task.

One other common issue is that you may make a mistake on a Deposit Effective Entry Date when creating the NACHA file. Then what do you do?  The NACHA file is actually a common ASCII file that you can edit iwith a common editor like NOTEPAD.  All you have to do is to find that NACHA file and bring it up with NOTEPAD, and search for your Deposit Effective Entry Date in the YYMMDD format.  For example, if you enter the effective date as 04/13/2019 (which is a Saturday), search for 190413 in your NACHA file using your editor.  Replace the value to the following business day (Monday,190415 in this case) and save it.  Then you can follow the normal procedure to upload this NACHA file to your bank's portal to complete the rest.



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