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ARPRDEND Accounts Receivable Clear A/R Accumulators

Clear A/R Accumulators

Application Overview


In the customer record for each of your customers are four accumulator fields that store the period‑to‑date (PTD) and year‑to‑date (YTD) sales, and cost of sales figures for that customer.  These fields are primarily used to produce the Sales Analysis reports. Also, a figure is kept that reflects the highest balance for the customer since the field was last cleared.


In the salesman record for each of your salesmen are six accumulator fields that store the period‑to‑date (PTD) and year‑to‑date (YTD) sales, cost of sales, finance charge on sales, and commission figures for that salesman.  These fields are primarily used to produce the Sales Analysis by Salesman Report.


In the tax record are six accumulator fields, which store the period‑to‑date (PTD) and year‑to‑date (YTD) sales, miscellaneous charge on sales, and tax on sales figures for that tax code.


In the service record are six accumulator fields, which store period-to-date (PTD) and year-to-date (YTD) units, sales and cost of goods figures for that service code.


In order to keep these fields accurate for any given period, it is necessary to clear them at the end of each period.  The sales figures will begin to accumulate for the current period.  The same principle applies to the YTD fields.


The Clear A/R Accumulators application allows you to clear either the PTD fields, the YTD fields or both for all of your customers, salesmen and tax codes.  Since the fields which you specify will be cleared by this program, you should be sure that you have run any Sales Analysis or Tax Code Reports that you will require before you clear them.

Run Instructions


Select Clear A/R Accumulators from the pull down A/R Processing window.   The following screen will then be displayed:




Clear A/R Accumulators Entry Screen




 The following option is available:

  • Allows you to remove PTD and YTD figures that are stored in the customer, salesman, tax code and service files

This application does remove detail and the Sales Analysis or Tax code Reports should be run before you clear the figures.


To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key.  To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.




Clear A/R Accumulators

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