Error During GL Interface from Other Package and Journal Transaction Is Lost

Q - In General Ledger, during the interface from other package process, I got a Btrieve Error 3112 on AP Distribution File (APDISFIL). The interface stopped and my Elliott session was terminated. I went to General Ledger -> Processing -> General Journal Transaction Processing -> Change.  I got the message "No Session ID found." See sample screen below:

Then I went to Accounts Payable -> Reports -> AP Distribution to GL Reports and printed the date range of the distribution of the interface.  They were all marked as "interfaced."  So why am I not seeing them in the General Journal Transaction?

A - The process of the interface is that it will write to the General Journal Transaction File (GLGENTRX) as each distribution record is marked as being interfaced.  At the end of the successful interface, it will write to the G/L Session ID File (GLIDFIL).  Because the interface was interrupted by error 3112 (Failure Receive from Target Server), which is a network-related error, it was not able to write the corresponding records in GLIDFIL.

When this happens, and you go to General Journal Trx Processing and choose the change mode, there can be three possibilities:

  1. The system detects there is no session ID in GLIDFIL and performs a rebuild.  In a case like this, everything will work correctly.
  2. The system detects that a recurring Journal session ID exists in GLIDFIL, so it does not perform the rebuild. But since there's no general journal session ID, the system gives you the "No Session IDs Found" message.
  3. The system detects that another General Journal Trx session ID exists and displays in the Session ID Search window.  But the one you expected to see, in this case, "APINTRFACE," does not show up.

    In this case, you lost the session ID record, but you did not lose records in the GLGENTRX (General Journal Transaction) table.  The solution to this problem is that you should use the following procedure to force the GL Session ID (GLIDFIL) table to be rebuilt:

  1. Rename Session File from data folder -- For example, our Elliott data is stored in the M:\ELLIOTT7\DATA folder. You should rename the session file from "GLIDFIL.BTR" to "GLIDFIL.OLD." Make sure no one is working in the GL module while you are renaming the session file.
  2. Go back to GL -> Processing -> General Journal Transaction Processing -> Change mode. The system will notice that the GLIDFIL table is missing. The system will automatically re-create the table and  rebuild it based on the details in the General Journal Trx table. 
  3. Now go to General Journal Transaction Processing again. You will see the Session ID show up.

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