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Feature - New Context Menus in v8.0 Spooled Reports Manager

Release date: 03/22/2016


Recently, Elliott v8.0 introduced an automatic archiving feature for Spooled Reports.  After you install that update, if you do not make changes to EL800U.CFG, all your spooled reports will be stored in a folder named the current month number, under a folder named the current year, under the appropriate module folder (e.g., AR\2016\03).  The benefit of this approach is that archiving of reports by module/year/month is automatic.

A consequence of that change is that it can be more difficult to quickly locate a report, because it would be in a particular subfolder under a module, instead of directly under the module itself.  New context menu options are introduced to make locating and viewing reports easier.  Additionally, we now list the subfolders in reverse order so that the most recent reports will be at the top of the list.

Show Reports in All Subfolders

Any module node that has subfolders under it now will have a context menu, when you right-click on the node, to show all the reports in the selected node and in all its subfolders:

When you select the context menu, Show Reports in All Subfolders, you see all the reports in the folders indicated below.  Notice that the title area above the list of reports indicates your choice:

SY - System (All) Context Menus

When you right click on the SY - System (All) node, you will be presented with additional context menu options (unless you turn off all automatic archiving in EL800U.CFG in the [Spool-Reports-Folders] section):

  • If at least one module is configured as Daily (e.g., AP=Daily), Show Today (all modules, YYYY MM DD subfolders) and Show Yesterday (all modules, YYYY MM DD subfolders) context menus would be shown.  In the image above, there were no modules configured as Daily, so these two context menus are not shown.
  • Similarly, if at least one module is configured as Monthly or Daily, Show This Month... and Show Last Month... context menus would be shown, as in the image above.
  • The Show This Year... and Show Last Year... context menus would be shown if at least one module is configured as Daily, Monthly or Yearly.
It should be noted that selecting Show This Month... only looks through folders under modules in the specified month subfolder under the specified year subfolder, and in any day subfolders under the month.  Any reports created in the specified time frame that are not in the corresponding subfolders will not appear in the list.  This provides optimum performance when building the list.
  • Show All (all modules, all subfolders) looks through all modules and all the subfolders under them to create the list of reports.
Note that nodes other than module nodes are not included in the Show All... selection; nor do they have
Show All Subfolders option.

Modified Programs: EL800SRB, EL800SR.vb

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