BM27S1 Bill of Material Purge Complete Production Orders

Purge Complete Production Orders

Application Overview


The Purge Complete Production Orders application will delete selected orders from the BOMP Order File.  This is designed to keep the data file from taking up disk space with orders, which are no longer needed.


The user may select a range of order numbers and must set a cutoff completion date to determine which completed orders will be purged.


Note:  For an order to be purged from the Order File, it must have already been purged from the Production Transaction File.  This is an option available in the Production Transaction History Report application.


Run Instructions


      Select Purge Complete Production Orders from the pull down BOMP Processing window.  The following screen will then be displayed:




Purge Complete Production Orders



 The following options are available:

    • Select the desired mode from the Purge Complete Production Orders menu bar.
    • Enter the data requested on the screen.


          To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key. To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.


    Entry Field Descriptions



    Type and Description

    1.      Starting Order No

    6 numeric digits.

    Enter the starting order number of the range of orders to be purged.  Defaults to All.

    2.      Ending Order No

    6 numeric digits.

    Enter the ending order number of the range of orders to be purged.  Default is the starting order number.

    3.      Completed Date Cutoff

    A date in the standard date format.

    Enter the cutoff date for the range of orders to be purged.  Only orders that were completed on or before this date will be purged.  Entry is required.




    Purge Complete Production Orders



                                               P R O D U C T I O N   O R D E R   P U R G E   L I S T

    Ranges: All Orders

            Thru Completed Date 11/30/92

    Order No Loc Item No         Description                     Order Qty   Rptd. Qty   Unit Price   Unit Cost Due Date Last Trx Job No

        110  LA  PC‑386          386 Personal Computer               3.000       3.000   2,549.9500    905.6500 04/01/92 04/06/92 PC‑386

                                 Customize During Order Entry

            Ftr Feature Description            Opt Option Item     Description                        Qty/Per   Unit Price    Unit Cost

            001 Base PC 386 Personal Computer  001 BOX‑386‑1       Basic SM Box w/7 Exp 6‑16 1‑8     1.000000     399.0000     311.0000

            002 Memory‑MHZ Options For PC‑386  001 MEM‑MHZ‑1       12 Mhz 2 Meg Motherboard Opt      1.000000     200.0000     140.0000

            003 Monitor Options For PC‑386     007 MON‑IDK‑1       Idek 17 VGA Monitor               1.000000   1,425.0000       5.6500

            004 Keyboard Options For PC‑386    003 KBD‑FUJ‑1       Fujitsu FKB‑4700 Keyboard         1.000000      56.9500      40.0000

            005 Port Options For PC‑386        001 PRT‑386‑1       Std 2 Serial 1 Parallel           1.000000     113.0000      99.0000

            006 Floppy Drive Options ‑ PC‑386  001 FLP‑DSK‑1       Single 5 1/4 HD Option            1.000000      44.0000      29.0000

            007 Hard Disk Options For PC‑386   001 HDK‑SEA‑1       Seagate ST1089A 42 MB             1.000000     200.0000     181.0000

            010 DOS Version Options For PC‑386 005 DOS‑IBM‑2       IBM Version 4.01 DOS Package      1.000000     112.0000     100.0000


      1 Orders Purged


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