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Incorrect Opn Ord Pick/Inv Amount in Customer File

Q - In Customer File Maintenance/Inquiry, it shows this customer has an open order in the amount $18,400.00. (See below.)

But in COP Order Inquiry or any open order report, I can't find this amount.  What can cause this to happen?

We have seen this situation on occasion when field "76. Opn Ord Pick/Inv Amt" shows incorrect value. The solution is to run a utility to recalculate that number. You can go to A/R -> Processing -> Age Customer Account, answer "Y" to question "6. Set Customer Pic/Inv Amount ?" See sample screen below:

The default value for this flag is "N."  You should age your customer account aging period 1 - 4 on a daily basis; otherwise they will not be useful to you.  Therefore, we suggest that you run "Age Customer Account" every day with this flag set to "Y."  That will kill two birds with one stone.

If you have a deferred processing routine in place to run every night, then you should choose "Y" to flag "7. Print To Report ?" Then this process can be run every night through deferred processing so you don't need to manually run this routine.


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