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Feature - Item Linkage Report/Processing

Date Released - 3/25/2016

A new field, Item Activity Sub Code,  was added to the Item File Maintenance screen beside the field Activity Code with the 7.56.308/8.06.308 release. The purpose of this field is to indicate additional active status of an item. At this moment, the Sub Code field is only available if the item activity code is equal to “A.” The Sub Code is user-definable, so the user can enter any character into the Sub Code field as long as item activity code is set to “A”. See sample screen below.   

Support for this field has been added to I/M -> Processing -> Item Linkage Processing and I/M -> Reports -> Item Linkage CSV Report. The Activity Code field has been expanded to accept two characters:

8. Activity Code - Enter a 2-digit activity code. Value can be SPACE=ALL, A, A*, A?, F, O, P (where the ? can be anything since sub-activity code is user-definable). A* means all activity codes are "A" regardless the sub-activity code.  

This new selection criteria is shown in the legend area of the report. 

The CSV File shows the sub code with the activity code.

Modified Programs: IMLNKPRS, IMLNKPRP


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