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BM1601 Bill of Material Feature/Option Configuration Inquiry

Feature/Option Configuration Inquiry

Application Overview


The Feature/Option Configuration Inquiry application provides an easy way to display various "what-if" configurations of feature items.  The user can select different options for a feature item and analyze their affect on the item's cost and price.  The application also allows the user to manipulate individual unit prices of selected options if BOMP Setup is set accordingly.  This application is a useful tool for determining if a feature/option structure has been created to provide the most logical entry of orders in BOMP and COP.


This application is for informational or test purposes only.  For example, it can be used to ensure proper configuration of features to provide maximum ease of order entry (i.e. required features entered with the lowest feature numbers).  No production orders will be created from the configurations entered here. 


Run Instructions


      Select Feature/Option Configuration from the pull down BOMP Inquiry window.  The following screen will then be displayed:



Feature/Option Configuration Inquiry Entry Screen



The following options are available:

    • Select the desired mode from the Feature/Option Configuration menu bar.
    • Enter the data requested on the screen.


          To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key. To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.


    Entry Field Descriptions



    Type and Description

    1.  Feature Item

    15 alphanumeric characters.

    Enter the item number, which will be used as the feature item.  Press the F1 key to search for Feature Items by number.

    2.  Location

    2 alphanumeric characters.

    Enter the location code of the warehouse from which inventory for the feature/option will be pulled.  The quantity of each option available at this location will be displayed.  Press the F7key to search for Location codes.

    After entering the Feature Item and the Location Code, you may change either field.  These first two fields will determine the quantity available of the options.

    3.  Quantity

    A standard quantity format with an optional minus sign.

    Enter the amount of the Feature Items you wish to estimate.  The unit price and unit cost will be multiplied by this quantity to determine the extended price and cost.

    Defaults to one.

    4.  Unit Price

    10 numeric digits with 4 decimal places and an optional minus sign.

    This is the selling price per unit of the Feature Item based on the options selected.  This field is automatically calculated and will be displayed after all options are selected.

    Unit Cost

    10 numeric digits with 4 decimal places and an optional minus sign.

    This is the cost per unit of the Feature Item based on the options selected.

    This field is automatically calculated and will be displayed after all options are selected.

    This field will not display unless the Display And Print Item Costs? flag in BOMP Setup is set to Y.


    Feature Selection For Product Window



    Type and Description


    3 numeric digits.

    Select the desired feature code.  This number must already exist in the Feature/Option Configuration File Maintenance application.  Press the F7 key to search for product features.  Press RETURN to select the default or next feature number.

    After all options are selected, you may press the F2 key while on this field to remove the feature number from the configuration.  If it is a required feature, you will be required to re-add it before leaving the screen.  The feature number, its description and whether the feature number is required or optional is displayed at the bottom of the window.

    All required features must be selected to exit this procedure without canceling the inquiry.


    3 numeric digits.  Automatically displayed.

    A window will display the available options that have been defined for this particular feature code.  The option item number, description, unit price, and the availability of this option at this location will be displayed.  Use the arrow keys, page up or page down to highlight a desired option.  Press RETURN to select the option. 

    Once the option has been selected, press the F7 key to redisplay the options window.

    Option Item No

    The inventory item number will automatically display.

    Item Description

    The item description will automatically display.


    10 numeric digits with 6 decimal places and an optional minus sign (9,999.999999


    The quantity of the selected option requited to make one of the feature items is displayed.  This value was defined in the Feature/Option Configuration File Maintenance application and may only be changed if the change field for this option is set to Y in that application.

    The unit cost will total at the bottom of this column if field #7 Display And Print Item Cost? inBOMP Setup is set to Y.  If set to N, this total will not display.

    Unit Price

    The unit price for each option selected will automatically display.  A unit price total is displayed at the bottom of the window.  If field #6, Allow Change To Order Prices? in BOMP Setup is set to Y, the unit price may be changed.  If field #6 is set to N, the unit price cannot be changed.




    Feature/Option Configuration Inquiry



    Feature Selection For Product




    Product Feature Search



    Feature Option Search




    Feature Selection For Product Completed

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