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BMDPTMNT Bill of Material Department Maintenance

Department Maintenance


Run Instructions


Select Department File from the pull down BOMP Maintenance window.  The following screen will be displayed:




Department Maintenance Screen



A Department can be a building or floor in the company, a group of work centers, or a group of operators or workers.  The Department ID field can be found in both the Work Center file and the Operator file, which acts as a group ID.  So, you can have “Department of the Work Center” and “Department of Operator.” They can share the same ID or have different ones.


Departments can be used for the following:

  • A Department can be an analysis, evaluation and management unit for a group of work centers or a group of operators.
  • Managers can monitor the status of work centers in a department.
  • An operator can report labor for a department with multiple work centers.  The labor of this operator will be automatically distributed to all the work centers.
  • Department managers can have special rights to handle exceptions happening in the department.
  • The Department provides default values when adding a new work center.


All the fields in this table are similar to those in the Work Center file, except for Department ID (4 alpha-numeric characters) and Description (30 alpha-numeric characters), so the detail of each field will be described in the Work Center section.  This means the Department can provide default values when adding a Work Center.


Departments can be based on your company’s physical departments, but may refer to a virtual department.  You may already have departments in Shop Floor and can use the entries to create departments in BOMP.  The department tables for these two modules are separate and serve only their respective module.

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