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Feature - Include Or Exclude UDC in Buyer's Desk

Release Date 4/11/16

The purpose of this feature is to allow the user to either include or exclude up to five user-defined codes in the criteria selection screen of the Purchase Order Buyer's Desk. When entering the information for field 3, the user now has to choose one of three options before entering the user-defined codes. 

3. Include or Exclude UDC (*Support) - The options are A=All, I=Include, or E=Exclude. The field defaults to A. 

If A is entered, the input of the actual user-defined code will be skipped and the user will be taken to the next field, 4. For Vendor (Match Item Vendor#).

If the user chooses the options I=Include or E=Exclude, then he/she will be allowed to enter up to five user-defined codes to include or exclude.

The entry supports F7 search and wild cards (*).

Once the data is entered, the output on Item List screen will be filtered based upon this data.

Programs Modified: POBDPNVW, POBDPNV2

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