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Feature - Tax Freight Setup User Messages in COP Setup and Tax Code Maintenance

Release Date: 4/12/2016

In order for the COP (Customer Order Processing) module to calculate sales tax, there are two areas to set up:
  1. In COP Setup -> 4. Freight Tax Satus
  2. In A/R Tax Code File Maintenance -> 11. Tax Freight
When the user tries to change the freight taxable status, he/she often changes one of the above without changing the other, which causes confusion.  Therefore, we added the following enhancements to remind users that both areas need to be set up in order for freight to become taxable:

1)  In COP -> Util-Setup -> COP Setup, field "Freight Tax status,"  the value can be "N," Not Taxable, "F," Fully Taxable or "P," Partially Taxable.  If the user changes this field from "N" to "F" or "P," a message will show "A/R Tax Code Tax Freight Must be Set to Y for Tax to be Calculated."  See sample screen below:

2)  In A/R -> Maintenance -> Tax Code Maintenance, the field "Tax Freight?" can be "N" or "Y."  If the user sets this field to "Y" and the COP Setup field "Freight Tax Status" is "N," the following message will appear: "Must Turn on COP Setup Freight Tax Status for Tax to be Calculated on Freight."    See sample screen below:

Modified programs: CP0800, ARTAXMNT

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