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CP0507 Customer Order Processing Sales History Period File Maintenance

Sales History Period File Maintenance

Application Overview


This application allows maintenance of the Sales History Period file.  This file stores the number of sales history periods, which your company has, what the current year is, what the current sales history-reporting period is and a description for each of the periods.


Sales History Data is stored and retrieved by period.  For instance, when printing the Sales History Reports, you will see the information on the report is presented for the particular period which is defined here as the current period.


Through this application, you define your sales history periods.  Once this data has been entered, you may never need to run this application again, since the Period Ending Procedure advances the current period for you (from one period to the next) and Year Ending Procedure advances the year (from the last period of one year to the first period of the next year).


Run Instructions


Select Sales History Period from the pull down COP Maintenance window.


The following options are available:

    • Select the desired mode from the Sales History Period menu bar.
    • If you have previously entered data into this file, it will be displayed on the screen for your reference or modification.  Otherwise, the entry fields will be blank and you will be able to enter the data.
    • When you have finished entering or modifying this data, press RETURN in response to Field Number ?.  The data you have entered will be written out to the Sales History Period file, and you will be returned to the menu bar. If you have not previously entered data into this file and you want to leave this application without writing out any data, press the ESC key to return to the menu bar.

    Entry Field Descriptions



    Type and Description

    1.   Valid Periods

    2 numeric digits (99).

    Enter the number of your company's accounting periods.  For most companies, this will be either 12 or 13, although fewer periods (such as four quarters) are acceptable.

    2.   Fiscal Year

    4 numeric digits (9999).

    Enter the current year.

    3.   Current Period

    2 numeric digits (99).

    Enter the number of the current period.

    4 - 16. Period 01 Desc thru   Period 13 Desc

    10 alphanumeric characters.

    Enter a description for each of the valid periods.  You may leave this description field blank if you wish, but you are disallowed from entering a description for a period outside the number of valid periods.

    Period 01 Year thru Period 13 Year

    4 numeric digits (9999).

    Enter the calendar year that the period falls in.



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