I Can Not Delete Some BOMP Work Orders

Q - I am trying to delete a production order that was placed for a test run. Even though I had not started production against this work order yet, however, the system does not let me delete the work order. It gave me a message:
    Inquiry Only - This Order Cannot Be Deleted
See sample screen below:

Please advise, what is it that does not allow to delete this work orders successfully?  

A - A BOMP Production Work Order can have the following status:
  • New - Note Allocated
  • New - Allocated
  • Work Order Printed
  • Started (Plus Work Order Only)
  • Partially Reported
  • Complete
  • Reopened (Plus Work Order Only)
You may delete a work order if the status is "New".

It is possible to delete a work order once it is printed by using the "void" work order function: From BOMP menu -> Processing -> Print Production Work Order -> Print -> Plus/Material/Legacy Work Order -> Void.  Once you void the printed work order, the work order status become "New - Allocated".

Once the work order is started, there's no way to delete the work order.  In that situation, you will have to "close" the work order.  To close a work order, you can go to BOMP menu -> Processing -> Production Transaction Processing -> Plus/Material/Legacy Work Order -> Add.

For Material/Legacy work order, you will need to add a production transaction with zero quantity, and indicate "Order Complete ?" = "Y".

For Plus Work Order, you will need to report against the last operation with zero quantity, and indicate "Order Complete ?" = "Y"

After post the production transaction, the work order will be closed (complete).


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