CPCDPSCN Customer Order Processing Customer Delivery Performance Report

Customer Delivery Performance Report



Application Overview


This report provides data about the delivery performance to your customers.  You can print the report for a range of customers, for one or all customer types, for a range of items, for a range of product categories, for one or all customer PO numbers, for a range of orders, for one or all salesmen and for one or all locations.  You can provide starting and ending invoice dates, indicate to exclude non-stocked items and provide a customer ABC class.  The report can be printed in summary or detail, with or without item subtotals and with a line item dollar value over a certain amount.



Run Instructions


From the COP Menu, select Reports and Customer Delivery Performance.





After you have completed the required information in the above window, you will be prompted if you want to Print to hardcopy, print to Screen, save to Disk, Defer, or Email.



Partial Report View












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